Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My Mid-Year Resolutions Review

It’s almost mid-year. Yes, I was equally shocked because it seems like we were singing Christmas carols just the other day. Now, remember those new year’s resolutions you made? I bet some of you are thinking, what resolutions? That is because you forgot all about them.  At the beginning of the year, just like every other year and like many other people, I came up with a list of resolutions. You know, the things that I needed to change in order to become a better person, conquer the world and all that stuff, you get the point.
I am proud to say that this year, so far, I have followed through with my resolutions! So, I made three resolutions this year. The first one was to try and reconnect with old friends that I fell out of touch with. We all get so busy with school, work and everything in between, that we end up forgetting to check up on each other. So I rang, sent text messages, facebook-ed (if that’s even a word), smoke signaled, people I had not talked to in a while and it felt quite nice I must admit. Plus, I read that people who have more friends live longer (weird fact but true).

My second resolution was to live in the moment and not hold on to anger. I am the kind of person who gets worked up if something doesn't go as I had exactly planned. I also tend to worry about the future quite a lot but then I thought, why worry about a tomorrow I am not assured of? Why not make the best out of today? Live one day at a time. As the cliché goes, accept the things I can’t change and change the things I can.

My final resolution was to try and improve on my time keeping. Now, this is a resolution I have made for the past two or so years. This year however, I have actually tried to work on it and made some improvements. These days I try to be one or two minutes early (don’t judge, still a work in progress). I know there are seven more months to go and I will soldier on till the end!

What were your resolutions this year? Or better yet, have you been able to accomplish them?


  1. on my side i think am still struggling with the 2010 resolutions...this year i decided to compound all of them since then into a single resolution..that is not to make one lol

  2. Haha Tony don't give up yet the year is still quite young,you still have a chance to clear the backlog.

  3. haha ati time keeping EVE!!!! UUUU r a bad timekeeper but m happy that ur working on that n sure thing ama give u a date nione..ukiniweka ntakutangaza..
    Love u gal n congrats...

  4. Thanks:-)As i in progress,arrange that meeting and let me prove it to you:-)

  5. I got to admit that 2012 and 2013 has been my best years, not that I have achieved all but most of it (the resolutions). I actually did it differently and fortunately it worked. Only one thing am struggling to achieve, remembering the dates of important events one should never ever forget. Like you said I still got 7 months to work on that. Thanks for reminding us,

  6. Mungai, I am glad you have been able to achieve some of your resolutions. We still have seven more months and I believe all of us always have room for improvements:)

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