Saturday, 4 May 2013

Of Death Grounds and Survival

Someone once told me that I should always create a death ground for myself. At first I didn't quite grasp the
magnitude of what I had been told. Sun Tzu in, his book The Art of War describes a death ground as, a place 
where an army, during war, is backed up against a region with no escape route and the only way out to is to fight for survival or just stand there and wait to be killed by the enemy.  As human beings, we have a very strong instinct for survival and when put in a position where one has to literary fight for their lives-they will fight. Sun Tzu’s death ground theory can be applied in our daily lives.  Say for instance that business you’re thinking of starting or that relationship you’re scared of getting into or ending, take the plunge and do it. Once you’re there and the pressure gets to you, you will find the answers. Here is a little demonstration:

In 2007, a 31 year old man Sampson Parker, found himself in a life or death situation. Sampson was cutting a corn field, when a corn stalk got stuck in the cutting machine. He then reached in to remove it but his right arm got caught in the machine instead. He spent well over an hour trying to free himself. So he took a metal rod and tried to use in the machine to rescue himself but instead caused a spark which caused a fire. Soon, the whole machine was on fire and Sampson knew he had to do something as his skin had started melting because of the heat. He took his penknife from his pocket and started cutting off his arm…yes, cutting off his arm! He managed to free himself and ran to the road where a passer- by saw him and helped him.  Now that’s a real death ground.

How’s that for survival!

Sampson Parker

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